The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is the latest piece of energy saving regulation that requires all eligible businesses to measure their total energy consumption and conduct energy auditstheir total energy consumption and conduct energy audits to identify energy savings opportunities by December 2015.

What is ESOS?

ESOS has been introduced to help the UK meet its requirements under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

Under ESOS, all ‘large enterprises’ have to complete an audit of their energy usage.

The aim of the audit is to help businesses to identify where cost effective energy savings could be made. Energy audits must include all types of energy usage, including in buildings, industry and transport.



Businesses need to assess their qualification status on 31December 2014. Those businesses deemed within the scope of ESOS must then complete all audits and submit an evidence pack before end of December 2015.


ESOS affects businesses that

We can make sure your company complies with legislation and translate the findings into real energy saving opportunities specifically for your business – turning compliance into an opportunity to drive down energy costs. Through our Sister  company Optimised Controls we can offer a UK-wide auditing team, market leading software and a proven track record of energy compliance and optimisation.

  • have over 250 employees; or

  • have a tunover of around £40m and balance sheet of

    over £34m;  

  • That are part of a copocorporate group which includes a business that meets one of the above criteria.


         (Businesses that qualify due to the third rule can either

    comply individually or as part of the wider group).


    How we can help

    At  MJTI We offer you market-leading energy management expertise. Our ESOS solution combines compliance, data analysis and technology expertise into one single service, providing you with a complete end-to-end service, delivered through three stages:


    1. The ESOS Current status check

    Without even knowing it, you may have already done a lot of the groundwork for ESOS through proposed upgrades such as LED Lighting ect.. Our expert a full health check of your business to identify duplication or repetition.


    2. ESOS auditing

    When the detailed health check is complete, our team of energy auditors will conduct site  analysis of your buildings and Manufacturing Process to identify energy saving opportunities as well as ensure full compliance with ESOS.


    3. The ESOS evidence pack


    Each eligible business must submit an evidence pack by  December 2015. It is critical that your evidence pack complies with the specific ESOS regulations. We build your evidence pack to stand up to external audit,protecting your reputation and taking the headache out of compliance.

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