Energy Reduction programs.


            MJ Technical innovation consultants have had great success in facilitating teams to generate ideas to reduce Variable costs by reducing energy usage. Looking at all type motive energy
sources used within clients business. Large saving can usually be achieved from “Quick hits” Items identified that require:


  • NO Capital investment in equipment.
  • Can be achieved within 3 Months
  • Does not require large amounts of time by the
         client’s personnel to achieve.

An example maybe to identify plant equipment that can be shut down or switched off, when not
required by the production Process.
MJ Technical Innovations engineers manufacturing knowledge enables PLC /DCS programming changes to be made in such a way that the overall efficiency of the Plant
output is not compromised or put at risk.


ESOS is here!!!

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is the latest piece of energy saving regulation that requires all eligible businesses to measure their total energy consumption and conduct energy auditstheir total energy consumption and conduct energy audits to identify energy savings opportunities  Still nearly a 3rd of all companies required by law to complete an ESOS study have still to complete and submit, risking a large fine. For more information on how MJTI can assist please click on link .The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).