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Project description

Project to up-grade an Allen-Bradley (Rockwell)1986 circa drive to ABB supplied replacement drives.


MJTI Engineers lead the team responsible for the design/installation & commissioning of a Honeywell Experion PKS Drive system for an “Off line Coater Machine” Processing 17 Tonne 2.1metre diameter ,4 metre wide Reels of paper with “Flying Splice” at 1000 mpm.

The Project required the generation of Speed references to each individual drive with 6 sections controlled to a “ set amount of sheet Tension”. The system was designed and commissioned to enable an expiring Roll of paper to be spiced to a new 2.1 metre dia by 17 Tonne reel at top speed “automatically” Interfacing and speed referencing generation of 52off ACS800 & DCS600 ABB drives running at over 1000 Metres per minute, utilising Profibus DP, interfacing of Allen Bradley PLC5 processor to the system using Modbus to a resolution > 0.1%.


Machine operating
parameters such as “set machine speed” and required “sheet tensions” were Programmed via Local User Proface HMI’s to
the system Honeywell Experion PKS using Profibus.

Additional interfacing was installed to “on-line quality
control measurement systems” with radioactive sources to automatically change
DCS and PLC set-points to optimise Product quality and maximise machine through


The Change over to the new system was completed over a
Christmas period with start-up as normal, no un-planned downtime occurred and a
subsequent unheard of reliability and stability of the blade coater at over 98%
efficiency, which is world class. (Before up-grade efficiency was 77%


£1.2 million


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RCF (Recylcled Fibre) plant

RCF (Recycled Fibre) plant

office printer paper Upgrade Project


A request was received late on in the project lifecycle to
assist in the upgrade and commissioning of the automation of machinery
producing Sheets of RCF for the paper industry. The upgrade involved the
replacement of mechanical sections of the machine with larger parts capable of
producing bulk pallets of product (1.3 Tones), this in addition to the existing
operation of the line, producing small bails. Project also involved the installation
of a new third party conveyor system, new hydraulic control system & other
mechanical sections of the plant.


The request to assist was “received late in the day”. The
control strategy was supplied by the OEM in the form of block functional
descriptions only. The descriptions were translated into the necessary logic
required by the control system to integrate the operation into the existing PLC
software. In addition, a new conveyor system, supplied by a third party, was
added to allow the new product to be off loaded by fork lift truck to the
warehouse. This conveyor was also integrated into the line, software was
written for the existing PLC to allow the conveyor to interface with the


During commissioning phase various problems came to light
regarding the suitability of the functional descriptions supplied, solutions
were engineered to achieve the desired goals, and to bring the project to a
successful conclusion.


The plant is now producing the new product at or above
target values.


Key points can be summarised as follows;


The integration of new equipment into existing plant to meet
new production requirements and revised system functionality.


Liaise with third party contractors to provide correct
solutions based upon their design requirements.


Commissioning of the plant, and liaising with both plant
technical staff and third party contractors to provide the correct solutions to
start up issues.


Support documentation and technical write ups to allow plant
operators and maintenance staff to understand the new functionality of the
equipment installed.


Provide post commissioning support during initial bedding in
period of equipment.


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