CDM (Construction Design Management)


When does CDM Regs need to be applied?? 



The CDM  (2015) Regulations apply to most common building, civil engineering and
engineering construction work. You must notify HSE of the site if the
construction work is expected to either:

  • last longer than 30 days; more than 20 persons on site simultaneously
  • involve more than 500 person days of construction work;

HSE should be notified in writing before construction work starts


MJ Technical Innovations Ltd (MJTI)have many
years experience of working on wide range of projects types and locations that
require CDM regulations to be adhered to. We are able to offer Clients
comprehensive Health & Safety Pre-Tendering Contract Documents and
submission to the HSE the Mandatory F10 Form Registration.

MJTI Engineers
have Heavy Industry backgrounds working in operations and Manufacturing sometimes
required producing product 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have an excellent
understanding of what needs to be achieved when planning tasks to ensure
minimal disruption to a clients business, but also ensure works are being
carried out safely and in line with current regulations.



  1. Give  suitable and sufficient advice and assistance to the client on undertaking
      the measures he needs to take to comply with CDM 2015 Regulations during
      the project. Ensure that suitable arrangements are made and implemented
      for the co-ordination of health and safety measures during planning and
       preparation for the construction phase.
  2. Health and Safety Documents written/ reviewed.
  3. SiteSecurity for CDM controlled
         area systems to identify ,record and control 3rd party to
         clients own labour ,contractors on and off site with check measures in
         place to ensure individuals licenses such as forklift, crane driving etc have approved training with current certificates.
  4. Approval procedures in place to ensure risk assessments and method
         statements have been produced (by third party contractors) for tasks
         before works commence.
  5. Safety review and planning meetings with Clients and 3rd
         Party contractor coordinators attending.