Maunfacturing & Industry


The MJ Technical innovation (MJTI) Project Engineers are experienced in Manufacturing and have all completed Process Instrument / Electrical / Mechanical apprenticeships in heavy Industry and therefore have a wealth of knowledge that can be drawn on.
As we are used to working within highly regulated environments that are control
critical, as well as potentially hazardous; we are able to demonstrate from case studies and project review papers the added value that comes from utilising the skills that sit within the company.

 Within industrial sectors the need for right first time and a proactive approach to service provision is paramount. With our background in paper, cement, power generation
and production fields we are used to working to tight deadlines and definitive shut periods. Because of our back ground in Manufacturing the MJTI Engineers quickly get an understanding of the actual process criteria within clients business’ and offer practical cost effective solutions to challenges faced.


MJTI Specialising in Electrical Automation, Process controls and Plant Safety circuit design, not only relating to standard relay logiccircuits ,LV distribution and A.C 3ph DOL starter circuits, but also high specification accuracy variable speed drives applications. Including maintenance, fault finding, new systems design /installation and commissioning.
MJ Technical innovation are experts in Electronic Communication “gateways” between different manufactures of DCS and PLC systems, that are typically installed to control the Manufacturing Process and Product Distribution systems. We offer systems “back up” of installed PLC and DCS System data, PLC program sequence modification to control, replaced/ up-graded or removed equipment; as well as having comprehensive fault finding software for the majority of manufacturers of PLC Logic controllers and DCS equipment.

MJ Technical
innovation Engineers have in-depth knowledge of many different types and Manufactures of PLC’ (Programmable Logic Controllers).

Experiences range from large I/O count 10,000+ integrated systems associated with Modern Paper
machines and Heavy Industry to stand-a-lone single PLC’s controlling Chemical Dosing Rigs Automated Air Compressors and air de-humidifiers etc.

PLC HMI and DCS Operator station Displays can also be generated with Client input to ensure that system graphics represent /mirror the actual process system overview with tanks, pumps & pipe works that need to be controlled/ monitored. HMI’s generally are used to allow parameter “set-points” to be inputted directly into the
controlling PLC’s and DCS systems and to monitor discrete parts of any controlled process for which an operator has responsibility for changes made. SCADA packages are used to give an “over-view” of discrete areas or complete “process” from start to finished, e.g. raw materials process at the start of the manufacturing through to the end product to warehouse, or loaded ready for transport. Normally control parameter
changes to the manufacturing process are restricted. SCADA packages are used to collate information available from any connected intelligent hardware such as PLC’s /DCS and can generate required process reports. They can also be used to import/ export Data to Window based software such as Excel or populate with process data, Standard Word Document Templates that may be required.

The Mechanical team of Engineers can offer complete Project design, from plant layout conception drawings through to full Installation design, Project installation planning and commissioning. Specialising in Plant modernisation/ up-grading of existing machinery within a production environment and to critical agreed time scales. Works generally having to be completed within scheduled maintenance downtimes of production Lines. Therefore works activities planning has to be accurate with Risk assessments and Methods statements that reflect the detail to deliver on time and within agreed budgets.

Technical drawings can be produced “in house” utilising the latest AutoCAD Electrical  or AutoCAD Mechanical . Technical Drawings and other paper based information can be electronically scanned and
reproduced in Colour up to Size A0, on Industry standard bright white or Photographic papers suitable for high level meeting presentations.